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Loan Amounts and Funding Terms


Loan Terms

Loan terms between 3 months and 1 year with fixed monthly payments


Loan Amounts

No maximum loan (all proposals are subject to full underwriting & acceptance, conditions may apply

Eligibility Criteria


Trading Time

Have you been trading for more than 12 months?


Company Status

You are a UK registered sole trader, limited company or partnership with at least 1 year’s trading and at least 1 year’s accounts?


Loan Purpose

Do you need to fund your planned business developments?

Do you want to source finance to increase your investment capabilities?

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Business Development Loans

Business development loans are an ideal finance option for businesses who want to grow and expand. Loans can be used to improve cash flow for investment capabilities to allow you to put your plans into action.

This type of facility can be used to promote innovation, efficiency and expansion into new markets.

If your business is looking to progress to the next step, the use of development finance can be extremely beneficial.

Business development loans are available for almost any industry in the UK.

Your business must be a UK mainland registered business, have at least 1 year’s account and have a legitimate requirement for the funds.

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How to apply for business development loans?


Quick Applications

Fill out our application form in less than 5 minutes


Dedicated Support

Your application will be allocated to your dedicated case manager


Quick Responses

Your case manager will be in touch within 4 working hours


Minimal Paperwork

They will collect all required documents to process your application


Quick Decisions

You will receive a decision within 48 hours in most circumstances


Fast Payouts

You will receive your funds within 48 hours of acceptance in most circumstances

The Benefits of Business Development Loans


Flexible Terms and Borrowing Amounts

Business development loans are available over flexible terms ranging from 3 months to 1 year.

While there is no maximum, borrowing amounts are determined by affordability assessments and all proposals are subject to full underwriting & acceptance.


Increased Spending Power

By securing funding through business development finance, you can acquire the necessary resources to fuel your business's expansion plans.

As cash flow is king, the increase in readily available cash can enable you to invest in new equipment, hire additional staff and increase efficiency to give you the competitive edge needed to outpace your competitors and scale your operations.


Speed of Approvals

Development loan applications are relatively quick to process with decisions in as little as 24 hours and payouts within 48 hours of acceptance.

With no need for security, decisions are made based on you meeting the lenders affordability criteria and credit checks.

The overall application process is extremely quick, provided that all the required documents are provided at the time of application.


No Risk to Assets*

When applying for business development loans on an unsecured basis, you are not offering collateral as part of the credit agreement. As the finance is taken on an unsecured basis, your assets are not at risk in the first instance. Instead, the loan is approved on the basis of your financial health and credit rating.

*In most cases a personal guarantee is required to secure the finance to protect the lender in the event of a default. Luckily, there are a range of personal guarantee insurance products available for businesses using unsecured finance.

Scaling a business can be a challenging endeavour, requiring not only a strong vision and determination but also the necessary resources to fuel growth.

In today's competitive market, businesses need access to capital to expand their operations, invest in new technologies, hire additional staff, or launch new marketing campaigns. Business development loans provide the financial support needed to accelerate growth and achieve your business goals.

They offer more flexible terms and repayment options, making them an attractive solution to increase investment in your business.

By obtaining a business development loan, you can unlock the financial resources necessary to scale your operations and achieve long-term success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a start up loan?

No, a start-up loan is specifically for new businesses that are not yet trading or have been trading for less than 12 months.

There are a wide range of start-up loans and grants available for new businesses, but our business development loans are not suitable for this purpose.

We require businesses to have been trading for more than 12 months and have at least 1 year’s formal accounts in order to apply.

What can a business development be used for?

Business development loans are commonly used to allow businesses to:

  • New projects and contracts
  • Business acquisitions
  • Research and development
  • Refurbishments
  • Stock purchases

This isn’t a comprehensive list, development funding can be used for a range of purposes, provided it is used to develop your business. A condition of acceptance may be to require proof of the purposes, such as a quote or invoice for a refurbishment.

How long does the application process and pay out take?

As these types of loans are on an unsecured basis, there is minimal paperwork required. To apply, you only need the latest year end accounts, last 3 months business bank statements as well as details some personal details of the business owners/directors/shareholders. The purpose of the loan will also be required.

Because of this, RLA Capital can get decisions on business development loans within 48 hours of application, with funding being released within 48 hours of all documents being signed after a decision. This is usually the case but there can be times when these time scales are exceeded.

What if I get declined?

If you are not successful in your application, there may be other ways to get a loan for your business, but this will depend on a number of factors. For example, you could apply for a secured loan. We will need to understand the reason(s) for a decline in order to assess if and how we can move forward.

RLA Capital is an independent finance brokerage, as such we can introduce you to a wide range of finance providers depending on your requirements and circumstances. RLA Capital has a wealth of experience with our dedicated consultants having over 25 years collective experience in finance in the UK.

Will there be Personal Guarantees Required?

In most cases personal guarantees of the director’s and/or shareholders will be required for a Business Development Loan, however, if your company financials are strong enough to support without personal guarantees then a proposal can be considered without PGs.

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