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Loan Amounts and Funding Terms


Loan Terms

Loan terms between 3 months and 30 years with fixed monthly payments


Loan Amounts

Loan amounts over £2,000

Eligibility Criteria


Loan Purpose

Are you looking to offset low annual profits?

Are you looking to secure loans on residential and/or commercial property?


Company Status

Are you a UK registered business?



Do you have equity in property or land?

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Secured Business Loans

A secured business loan differs from other types of business loans as it is secured against assets, which are used as collateral against the amount borrowed.

The use of secured business finance can be a great option for companies looking to increase borrowing amounts.

It has many uses such as covering shortfalls in cash flow within a business or to increase spending amounts for new purchases.

commercial property to be used as security for a business loan

How to apply for a secured business loan?


Quick Applications

Fill out our application form in less than 5 minutes


Dedicated Support

Your application will be allocated to your dedicated case manager


Quick Responses

Your case manager will be in touch within 4 working hours


Minimal Paperwork

They will collect all required documents to process your application


Quick Decisions

You will receive a decision in principle within 48 hours


Fast Payouts

You will receive your funds within 4-6 weeks of acceptance in most circumstances

The Benefits of Secured Business Loans


Flexible Terms and Borrowing Amounts

Secured business loans are available on terms ranging from 1 to 30 years.

As they are taken on an secured basis, borrowing amounts are restricted to the amount of equity in an asset or property being used as security.

Maximum borrowing amounts are also determined by affordability assessments and credit checks.

All proposals are subject to full underwriting & acceptance.


Increase Chances of Approval

Secured loans are a good option for businesses with poor credit or low profits, as securing loans on assets can improve acceptance rates due to lenders having a way to recoup any monies owed in the event of a default.

For businesses that are finding it difficult to raise the required amount on an unsecured basis, loans secured on assets can increase the maximum loan amount achievable due to the amount of equity available.


Release Equity

Loans on an secured basis use collateral as part of the credit agreement, meaning you are able to release equity held in your assets.

With most lenders releasing up to 85% of the total equity remaining, being able to access this cash can be a vital tool for many businesses.

Businesses can benefit from sourcing finance secured on personal and commercial property to offset low annual profits. Many organisations take advantage of finance and loans to allow them to cover shortfalls in funding, to improve efficiency or increase investment.

Many firms are taking longer to free up cash from things such as inventory and unpaid invoices, which in turn can impact on revenue. With a wide range of versatile funding solutions available, we can help source the most suitable funding to meet your needs.

With a wide range of versatile funding solutions available, we can help source the most suitable funding to meet your needs and allow your organisation to adapt and evolve in a timely manner.

RLA Capital can offer specially tailored secured loans designed to help your company manage its cash flow more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before I get decision on secured loan?

Decisions in principle are made within 48 hours of us receiving your application providing we have the necessary supporting information.

What loan terms are available?

Secured loans are available from 3 months up to 30 years, but the actual term depends on several variables. Please contact us for further information.

What can I use to secure the loan on?

Usually a charge on residential or commercial property is required, but in some cases we can use tangible assets provided you have title of the goods, they are based in the UK and are identifiable.

How long does it take to receive the funds once the application is accepted?

It depends on the case and usually all cases are different. Secured funding is typically completed between 4 and 8 weeks, but this depends on surveyors and legals.

Who decides the value of the assets used to secure the loan?

Depending on the asset being used as security a formal survey will need to be carried out and a valuation report completed. If the security is based on tangible goods, an independent valuation is usually required.

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