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Loan Amounts and Funding Terms


Loan Terms

Loan terms between 3 months and 5 years with fixed monthly payments


Loan Amounts

Loan amounts over £2,000

Eligibility Criteria


Loan Purpose

Are you looking to refurbish new or existing commercial properties?

Are you looking to increase spending on new or current projects?


Company Status

Are you a UK registered business?


Trading Time

Have you been trading for more than 12 months?

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Refurbishment Loans

Refurbishment loans are used to fund refurbishments of properties such as commercial, industrial or residential developments.

Refurbishment funding enables landlords, developers and investors to increase the value of their portfolio or improve the quality of their holdings with the aim of increasing profits, usability and/or saleability.

The use of refurbishment finance increases spending power, which in turn allows for higher volume and/or quality of refurbishments.

work site house/office being rennovated

How to apply for a refurbishments loan?


Quick Applications

Fill out our application form in less than 5 minutes


Dedicated Support

Your application will be allocated to your dedicated case manager


Quick Responses

Your case manager will be in touch within 4 working hours


Minimal Paperwork

They will collect all required documents to process your application


Quick Decisions

You will receive a decision within 48 hours in most circumstances


Fast Payouts

You will receive your funds within 48 hours of acceptance in most circumstances

The Benefits of Refurbishment Loans


Flexible Terms and Borrowing Amounts

Refurbishment loans are generally flexible in regards to terms and loan amounts.

As they are taken on an unsecured basis, borrowing amounts are not restricted to the amount of equity in an asset or property.

While there is no limit, maximum borrowing amounts are determined by affordability assessments and credit checks.

All proposals are subject to full underwriting & acceptance.


Speed of Approvals

Refurbishment loan applications and approvals are relatively quick to process.

With no need for charges on assets or debentures, decisions are made based on you meeting the lenders eligibility criteria.

Many lenders will approve applications within 24 hours, provided that all the required documents are provided at the time of application.


Increased Spending Power

Refurbishment loans are a great way for a business to raise additional finance to allow them to;

  • Increase spending power to allow for increased investment
  • Higher quality finish to improve competitiveness and efficiency
  • Reduce the impact of spending on current cash reserves

No Risk to Assets*

Loans on an unsecured basis do not use collateral as part of the credit agreement, meaning your assets are not at risk in the first instance. Instead the loan is approved on the basis of your financial health and credit rating.

*In most cases a personal guarantee is required to secure the finance to protect the lender in the event of a default. Luckily, there are a range of personal guarantee insurance products available for businesses using unsecured finance.

Refurbishment loans can be a vital option for businesses to allow them to increase spending on new or current projects. The impact of late completion, delays and spending cuts can have a drastic effect on a business’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Many organisations take advantage of finance and loans to allow them to cover shortfalls in funding, complete projects within the specified timescales or to simply invest in other areas, with the goal of improving the overall quality of the completed refurbishment.

With a wide range of versatile funding solutions available, we can help source the most suitable funding to meet your needs and allow your organisation to adapt and evolve in a timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before I get decision on a refurbishment loan?

Decisions times are usually 24 to 48 hours from the point of proposal.

What loan terms are available?

Refurbishment loans are available from 3 months to 5 years. In some cases, longer terms are available but there is usually security required for terms longer than 5 years.

Are there any restrictions on the type of property I can refurbish?

You can refurbish any type of property providing it’s a business/commercial premises that your business is involved in or trades from.

Does the property to be refurbished have to be in the UK?

Yes, we cannot fund refurbishments for properties outside of the United Kingdom.

Can I use the loan to refurbish multiple properties?

Yes, provided that they business/commercial properties you’re involved in. Please note proof of the refurbishment can be required as a condition of acceptance.

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