PII loans

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Loans For Law Firms

As an essential trading requirement for law firms, PII can represent one of the costliest single expense for many businesses.


Given the costly nature of Professional Indemnity Insurance many firms opt to use PII finance to enable them to spread the cost over term of their policy.


Paying monthly instalments can be highly beneficial for your firm, given that many businesses experience peaks and troughs in revenue throughout the year.

The ability to spread the cost will effectively free up working capital for other uses and lessen the impact on your firm’s financial health.

Why Choose Us?

With extensive experience with providing professional indemnity insurance finance, we are well placed to ensure you have access to the best finance facility for your circumstances. As a company we have enabled thousands of firms to spread the cost of their PII policies by selecting the best lenders for their needs.

With access to over 250 lenders, with many exclusive to RLA Capital, we are best placed to cater for your finance requirements.


Unlike many other companies, we have members of the team who specialise in legal finance, we understand how legal firms operate and more importantly we know which lenders will have the appetite to fund these types of requirements in the current economic climate.


Key Benefits

Spread the cost over the period of cover

Terms are available over 3, 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the length of your policy

Fixed interest rates

Competitive interest rates allow you to keep the cost of finance to a minimum.

Merge practising certificate payments into a single loan

You can apply for PII loans at any stage of the policy cover, so even if you have paid the insurance premium, you are still eligible to apply for finance (some lender’s may insist funding is within 30 days of the policy start date).

Fast decisions and pay-outs

In most cases you can expect decision within 24 hours and funds released within 24 hours of acceptance.

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