What are the best business loans in 2019?

Which Business Loan 2019

The best business loan for you and your company depends on what the funds will be used for.  There are a wide range of different types of finance options available for different purposes and financial statuses.

There are too many factors and variables to take into consideration, and these vary from business to business, to say that one type of loan is the best for you and your needs.

Unsecured Vs Secured Lending

Unsecured loans can be faster to complete because there is less paperwork and assessments to carry out during the application process as the loan is not secured on assets or property, your loan application is assessed based on credit worthiness and the business owner(s) personal credit score.

Secured loans use property or assets as security and the amount you can borrow is limited by the amount of equity available, also known as LTV (loan to value). LTV can range from 50-80% less any money currently owed such as mortgages or other charges (loans secured on the property).

Some companies may be best suited to asset finance or secured finance if they have property with high amounts of equity available and an average credit score.

On the other hand, if a company only has access to low equity assets or property, but a good credit score then unsecured lending may be the best option for them.

Deciding on the best business loan for your company

Things to consider when deciding which business loan is the best fit for you and your business are

There are a wide range of lenders offering business loans and knowing which lender to approach is the most important step in acquiring business finance.

  1. Do your research - what lenders specialise in your type of business and finance requirements
  2. Do not go “application mad” and apply with every lender you can find as this can impact your credit score
  3. Read all documentation thoroughly to make sure you are making informed decisions
  4. Sole trader? What is your personal credit score? Many lenders look at this when deciding on applications
  5. Seek expert advice on your options, such as using a finance broker https://www.rlacapital.co.uk/posts/advantages-of-using-a-finance-broker
  6. Check loan criteria to make sure the lender meets your requirements
    1. Loan amounts
    2. Annual revenue
    3. Outstanding credit agreements
    4. Credit terms
    5. Secured or Unsecured

Updated: October 3, 2019